• Two women checking in at table
  • Woman at podium presenting
  • Woman presenting with screen behind her
  • Woman sitting behind sign in table
  • Woman speaking at podium
  • Woman speaking behind podium
  • Woman speaking standing beside podium
  • Woman speaking with two women seated beside her
  • Woman with microphone speaking while second woman looks on
  • Blonde woman speaking at podium
  • Brunette woman speaking at podium
  • Four people chatting
  • Group of attendees doing activity with green string
  • Man and woman discussing piece of paper
  • Man and woman presenting to group
  • Man and woman presenting
  • Man presenting with screen behind him
  • Man sitting at table reading and eating banana
  • Man speaking at podium
  • Panel of speakers at table
  • Participants with green string activity
  • Presenter and panel of guests at table
  • Seven people sitting behind presenters table
  • Seven professional in line for group picture
  • Three people presenting to group
  • Three professionals sitting behind table
  • Two men talking

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