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Heritage Park Complex

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  1. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Bike Trail
  4. Dog Park
  5. Parking
  6. Pavilion
  7. Picnic Areas
  8. Picnic Shelters
  9. Picnic Tables
  10. Playground
  11. Restrooms
  12. Skate Park
  13. Soccer Field
  14. Splash Pad
  15. Tables
  16. Trails
Heritage Park Sports Complex consists of eight soccer fields, four softball fields, four baseball fields, and two basketball courts. These facilities offer youth and adult sports enthusiasts recreational and league play as well as a number of local, state, and national tournaments. 

Sport fields (Soccer; Softball and Baseball) are designated for leagues, tournaments and scheduled camps/clinics and by registration only and are not available for general public use. Due to high use, the protection and enhancement of the turf is primary for the safety and future play-ability of patrons.

Please use the Heritage Park Practice Fields for general multipurpose use.