Online Payments

Payments will only be accepted Monday - Friday 7:30am until 3:00pm 

**Do not make a payment until you have been advised by our office to do so. Otherwise, your payment will be returned.**

Currently, we are only taking checks and in-person/online credit card payments. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your payment is credited appropriately. 

  • Select the Building and Codes option.
  • Under the full name, enter the contractors name or business name in which the permit reflects.
  • Enter the application number(s) you would like your payment to be credited to. 
  •  Up to five application numbers can be entered at once. (ENTER ALL TOGETHER WITHOUT SPACES: 6333563368)
  • Continue with your email address and a confirmation of email address.
  • Click continue, a second page will generate, please enter the required information requested.

If you are BEGINNING a construction project please contact our office at (931)645-7426.

Please call or email our office after payments have been made to confirm and receive your permits.