Detectives and/or Agents are assigned the responsibility of handling those investigations which require special expertise, or because of their complexity or geographical considerations do not lend themselves to be readily completed by patrol officers.  

Detectives/Agents will normally be assigned to investigate the following types of Criminal Incidents: 

  • death of a violent or suspicious nature and unattended deaths
  • rapes
  • aggravated robberies, and robberies
  • Burglaries, Thefts: which involve extenuating circumstances, Identifiable Modus Operandi, or exceptional amounts of Property Damage or Dollar value
  • any major disaster where investigations can assist in identification of victims
  • kidnapping, extortion
  • bombings
  • missing Persons/Runaways
  • vice, organized crime, and intelligence activities
  • conduct an applicant background investigation
  • internal affairs investigations as directed by the Chief of Police or his designee
  • assist Patrol Officers in the conduct of their investigations as directed by the Chief of Police or his designee
  • assisting the crime prevention program efforts by conducting of crime prevention surveys, neighborhood watch meetings, presentations, etc
  • performing liaison with and providing assistance to other law enforcement agencies or elements of the criminal justice system