Improvement Projects

We understand how important our facilities, parks, and trails are and we work hard to develop improvement projects to satisfy the needs and wants of our community.

Swan Lake Pool 

Thanks to a grant in the amount of $488K from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Local Parks and Recreation Fund, a new splash pad, water slide, pavilions, and cabanas will be added to Swan Lake Pool. The bathhouse and parking lot will also be renovated to meet ADA guidelines. This project is scheduled to be completed prior to the 2019 summer pool season.

Red River East

Construction for the new trail off of Kraft Street began this past fall. The trail will begin where the North Extension of the Riverwalk ends and will continue approximately a quarter mile further up the Red River behind businesses on Kraft Street. Amenities will include parking and a canoe and kayak access.

Pollard Road Trailhead

The heavily utilized Pollard Road Trailhead that services the Greenway will be expanded to allow for an additional acre of parking space due to the generosity of the adjacent landowner. Construction is expected to begin this summer.