The goal of the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Internship Program is to provide an intern with the opportunity to apply information and skills obtained in the classroom to real-life working situations. The internship also offers the opportunity to gain experience in planning, organizing, leading and evaluating various recreational programs. Furthermore, it provides the intern with a constructive review and evaluation of their skills and competencies; thus, allowing realistic direction to further professional development.

Areas of Interest

Recreation internships are available throughout the year in the following areas:

Internship Requirements

  • Eligible candidates shall have taken university coursework related to the internship opportunity.
  • Eligible candidates must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Each eligible candidate shall complete a Clarksville Parks and Recreation internship application.
  • Each eligible candidate shall include a current transcript of university course work. A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 is required.

How to Apply

Click here to complete the online application

Applications shall be submitted according to the timeline below, to allow sufficient time for the hiring process. If a deadline has passed, there are no guarantees that an internship opportunity can be fulfilled.

  • Spring Internship - Application preferred by February 1 but not required
  • Summer Internship - Application preferred by May 1 but not required
  • Fall Internship - Application preferred by July 1 but not required
  • Winter Internship - Application preferred by November 1 but not required

For questions, please call 931-645-7476.