Backflow, Cross Connection & Thermal Expansion

Water is essential for life! We all know this for a fact, but we also depend on it to make our lives more comfortable, especially during the warmer months of the year when our usage increases. During the summer we are busy with many outdoor chores involving water such as filling a swimming pool, giving the family pet a bath, washing our cars, cleaning house siding and decks and watering or treating lawns and plants. But regardless the activity or time of year, it is important to keep in mind that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect our safe drinking water supply throughout the year.

Drinking Water Quality

Numerous tests are performed on Clarksville’s water by the expert staff at the water treatment plant to provide citizens with the safest and highest quality drinking water possible. We are proud to report that our drinking water meets and exceeds all federal and state drinking water standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The department goes even further to ensure the safety of our drinking water supply with our ongoing backflow and cross-connection prevention program. This program is mandated through federal and state regulations and City code.

Preventing Threats to Drinking Water

Both backflows and cross connections can pose serious threats to our drinking water supply. This page will explain why and how we can work together, as a responsible community, to prevent these threats. First it is important to know how a backflow or cross connection can occur and how they can result in contaminated water.

Winterize Backflow Preventers

Please remember to winterize your backflow preventer to protect it from freezing temperatures. A damaged backflow preventer cannot do its important job of preventing water from traveling backwards into your water system or even possibly allowing contaminated water to enter the City’s safe drinking water supply. Costly repairs and inspection fees for damaged backflow devices are the owner’s financial responsibility.

Backflow preventers are required on all water meters at commercial businesses, some home businesses and all residential irrigation systems. Call the cross-connection office at 931-553-2489 for help locating your device.