Sewer System Smoke Testing

Clarksville Gas and Water routinely conducts surveys of Clarksville's wastewater collection system through a process called “smoke testing.” Smoke testing is a cost-effective preventative maintenance method to identify potential defects, cracks or opening in the City’s wastewater collection system and to help crews locate areas in sewer lines for further examination. The information collected during this study will be used to improve and repair the wastewater collection system.

Workers will dispense non-toxic smoke into sewer lines and manholes and look for it to rise from areas in the sewer system, sewer line right-of-ways or residential yards. These areas will be marked and documented. If a possible defect is found on a resident’s property, a formal letter will be sent to the property owner and/or tenant to correct the problem.

Smoke Testing Diagram

Additional Information

For more information regarding smoke testing, please call our Sewer Construction office at (931) 553-2424. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work to improve and repair the wastewater collections system.  Clarksville Sewer System Smoke Testing overview (PDF).

Sewer System Smoke Testing Schedule

March 28, 29, 30   Savannah
    Savannah Lakes
    Savannah Chase
    Savannah Glen
    Savannah Crossing
    Porter Hills
    Wilson Way Estates
    Azalea Trace
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