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Pay traffic tickets & Municipal Code violations online at You will need to know your ticket number and the amount due.

1. Can a citation be paid with a credit card?
Yes, either by phone or in person but not over the internet yet. There
is an additional fee for credit card transactions.

2. Are payment options available to pay fines and court costs?
Yes, payment options are available after a final judgment has been rendered.

3. Can a judgment be appealed?
Yes. An appeal must be made within 10 days of the conviction date. According
to state law a bond of $250.00 per case must be posted with the Circuit Court Clerk
then each case is sent to the Circuit Court.

4. Is a court appearance required for a paid citation?
No. A court appearance is not required for any citation paid prior to the court date.

5. Who should checks or money orders be made payable to?
The Municipal Court Clerk does not accept personal checks. All money orders or cashiers check’s should be made payable to the City Court Clerk. Please write the ticket (citation) number on the money order or cashiers check.

6. If a defendant is unable to pay their fine or court costs by the court date, can an extension be granted?
No. Failure to pay prior to the court date or to appear before the judge on your court
date will result in a default judgment and/or the issuance of a warrant. In the case of
a default judgment being issued, you may be required to pay even more in state and
local penalties.

7. Can a citation be contested?
Yes. You have the right to contest your citation before the Judge and the issuer of that citation. You need to appear on your appointed Court date and tell the Judge that you want to contest the citation. At that time the Court will set a trial date for you. On your trial date y ou should bring all proof and/or witnesses that you intend to use to contest your citation. Affidavits or written statements by witnesses will not be accepted or allowed by the Court.

8. Can a court date be reset if there is a conflict in your schedule?
Yes. All court dates can be reset one time, subject to approval by the Judge.

9. Can the Judge discuss a case prior to the court date?
No. The Judge should not be contacted. A written request may be considered by
the Judge prior to the court date.

10. How long does a court session last?
It depends on how many cases are placed on the court docket and how many
defendants come to court.

11. What is the maximum amount assessable for fine and court costs?
The maximum cost of a citation if paid on time is $135.75. If a citation is
not paid on time or as agreed, additional fees may be added in accordance
with local and state laws. In addition to additional fees; if a citation is not paid
as agreed or on time a contempt order and/or warrant may be issued and the state
may suspend your driver’s license.

12. What happens if a court date is missed?
At the Judge’s discretion, an “Arrest Warrant” may be issued and/or a “Default
Judgment” may be rendered against you.

13. Can one check or money order be used to pay for multiple violations?
Yes. Each individual citation number must be written on the check/money order to
ensure that each citation is properly credited as “paid”. Counter checks are not

14. What agency should be contacted for information concerning driver’s license suspensions and reinstatements?
The Tennessee Department of Safety in Nashville Tennessee at (615) 741-3954
or the local Driver Testing Center at 220 W. Dunbar Cave Rd at (931) 648-5596.

15. Can attending “ Traffic Safety School” prevent “points” from being added to my driver’s license and being reported on my state driving history?
Yes. You must call the City Court Clerk’s Office at (931) 648-4604 to see if you
qualify to attend the school.
Last updated: 7/13/2012 12:40:13 PM