Information Technology & Communication Services
Amie Wilson, Director 
One Public Square Clarksville, Tn 37040
931-645-4593 fax 931-648-6115

The mission of the City of Clarksville Information Technology & Communication Services (ITCS) department is to:

(a) Be an active and proactive partner to the City on all matters related to technology, its use, and its benefits to the government and citizens of Clarksville; and

(b) Keep the technology assets operational, reliably maintained, and life-cycle managed to facilitate the secure and efficient flow of data and electronic information throughout city government.

ITCS provides the City of Clarksville an avenue to share vital information in a secure environment equipping employees of the City of Clarksville with the tools and training to make their daily tasks the most productive and cost effective as possible.

Last updated: 1/22/2018 12:01:49 PM