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One Public Square
Suites 119 & 300
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 645-7437

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 7:30am-5:00pm

The mission of the Department of Finance and Revenue is to support and facilitate municipal operations by the use of an effective and efficient expenditure and revenue management accounting and reporting system.

The Finance and Revenue Department is made up of both Revenue Collections Division as well as the Finance Division. Our Revenue Collections Division is located on the first floor of the City Hall building. The Finance Division is located on the third floor of the City Hall building.

Revenue Collections:

  1. Property Taxes 
  2. Business Taxes/Business License 
  3. Parking Tickets 

Finance Division:

    1.    Accounts Payable
    2.    Accounts Receivable - General Billings
    3.    Financial Reporting/Accounting
    4.    Non-Profit Funding
    5.    Grants/Project Management

Contact Us

Department of Finance and Revenue
City Hall, Suite 300
One Public Square
Clarksville , TN 37040
Phone: 931-645-7437 Fax: 931-553-2471

 Last Name  First Name  Phone Number   Department
 Baladad  Jane  931-648-3102  Accounting
 Bell      LaQuita  931-645-7436  Revenue Collections
 Bradbury  Judith  931-553-2436  Parking
 Branch               Rachel      931-553-2433   Accounting 
 Burkhart  Faye  931-553-2436  Parking
 Egbert  Matthew  931-648-6162  Accounting
 Frazier  Debbie  931-645-7443  Accounting
 Griffith  Ernie  931-648-6152  City Courts
 Hampton  Regina  931-645-7433  Revenue Collections
 Johnson  Deborah  931-648-6131  Accounting
 Matta                Laurie  931-648-6111  Accounting
 McClurg  Ron  931-221-0741  Grants
 Morrison  Wanda  931-645-7440  Accounting
 Owens  Pat  931-645-7441  Accounts Payable
 Seay  Sharon  931-648-6148  Revenue Collections
 Smith  David  931-553-2436  Parking
 Spainhoward  Katina  931-648-6147  Revenue Collections
 Wallis  Pam  931-553-2436  Parking
 Winters             Lauren  931-553-2416  Accounting


 Business License  931-645-7435
 Property Tax  931-645-7436
 Parking Authority  931-553-2436
 City Courts  931-648-4604
 Project Manager  931-648-6112
 Grants Manager  931-221-0741



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