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 Call 911 if natural gas odor is very strong!

Stay informed by visiting this page often to learn about the latest Gas and Water news and alerts about water outages, road closures and important maintenance or construction projects in your neighborhood.


26 MARCH 2015 Harper Road Water Outage and Lane Closure

Harper Road Water Outage and Lane Closure
Thursday, March 26, 2015

Clarksville Gas and Water construction workers are repairing a water main leak on Harper Road resulting in a water outage. The outage may also cause low water pressure for area residents.

Harper Road is also closed to one lane near the U.S. Highway 41-A South/Madison Street intersection while the work is performed.

The repair is anticipated to be finished and water service restored by approximately 2:30 p.m.

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26 MARCH 2015 Sewer Line Rehabilitation Work Start-Up Postponed

The Clarksville Gas and Water sewer rehabilitation work scheduled to begin today has been postponed to early April. A new work schedule will be released to the public and published on the Gas and Water website once it has been confirmed.

Contractors will deliver door-to-door notices to residents 1-2 days in advance of the onset of the rehab work once crewmembers and equipment arrive in Clarksville.

Please contact Y’hanna Perez-Ortiz, P.E., Civil Engineer, at the Clarksville Gas and Water Engineering Department, 931-645-7418, for more information.

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25 MARCH 2015 Sewer Line Rehabilitation Work to Start-Up

Clarksville Gas and Water’s ongoing sewer rehabilitation program is back on schedule for the year and will begin this week on Thursday and Friday, March 26-27, 2015, on Brandywine Drive and Dalewood Drive. The work will focus on sewer lateral line and main line rehabilitation in New Providence, Meadowbrook and the northwest area of Clarksville for the next two months.

Contractors will directly notify residents of the upcoming work and provide an informational brochure on the rehab process. In addition, weekly sewer rehab work street schedules will be reported to local media outlets and posted on the Gas and Water website.

Details about the work can also be viewed on the Gas and Water website,, or please contact Y’hanna Perez-Ortiz, P.E., Civil Engineer, at the Clarksville Gas and Water Engineering Department, 931-645-7418. 

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18 DECEMBER 2014 Cold Weather Precautions


Clarksville Gas and Water wishes to share a few important preventive cold weather tips that may be helpful to protect household water pipes from freezing and possible damage when cold weather brings freezing temperatures.


Clarksville Gas and Water wishes to share a few important preventive cold weather tips that may be helpful to protect household water pipes from freezing and possible damage when cold weather brings freezing temperatures.


• Identify, repair or caulk any opening that allows the flow of outside air inside
• Close foundation air vents
• Unhook hoses from faucets and yard meters
• Identify any exposed piping or outside faucets that require insulation or heat tape to avoid freezing
• Open sink cabinet doors to allow heat to circulate around pipes, especially those located on exterior walls
• A trickle of water from the faucet can help prevent pipes from freezing
• Winterize or protect backflow preventers
• Keep water meter lid closed
• Drain water from irrigation lines
• When away from home, set the thermostat no lower than 55°F and have someone check the home daily
• Know where the household water shut off valve is located in the event of a household water pipe leak
• Natural gas heating systems should be cleaned and checked routinely to increase safety and efficiency

Gas and Water is fully staffed and prepared to assist the public with their water emergencies around the clock; however, during peak service order requests, there may be longer response times. Our customers are important to us and technicians work diligently to respond to each call as expediently as possible.

Please keep in mind that Gas and Water service technicians cannot repair household water leaks, customer lateral line leaks or repair natural gas appliances. Please call a licensed plumber for those repairs. 

What to do if you smell natural gas?
Natural gas is a safe, reliable and efficient energy source we especially enjoy during cold temperatures for heating, but it’s important to be attentive to how your natural gas appliances are performing. If you detect a strong odor of natural gas, take the following steps for safety.

• Leave the premises immediately ensuring to leave doors open to allow for ventilation
• Go to a neighbor’s and call Clarksville Gas and Water at (931) 645-7400, after hours (931) 645-0116, 4:30 pm-8 am, weekends and holidays or call 911 if the odor is very strong
• Do not turn electrical switches or devices on or off or use a phone because an electric spark could ignite natural gas if it’s present in the air

Please call the Clarksville Gas and Water office to report a water leak or if you detect a strong natural gas odor at (931) 645-7400 during normal business hours, 8 am-4:30 pm, Mon.-Fri. or (931) 645-0116 after hours, 4:30 pm-8 am, Mon.-Fri. and weekends and holidays.


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12 MARCH 2014 Underground Utility Line Locating and Markings on Madison Street (U.S. Highway 41A)

CLARKSVILLE, TENN. – Clarksville Gas and Water utility line locators have been working diligently to locate and mark underground utility lines along Madison Street, including several side streets, from Richview Road to just east of McAdoo Creek Road for upcoming utility line relocation work. The line relocations are in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Transportation road widening of U.S. Highway 41A between State Route 76 and McAdoo Creek Road.

The utility line relocation work phase is targeted to begin this spring and is estimated to be finished by mid-year 2015; however, utility line locating and marking will continue throughout both the line relocation work and the entire highway widening construction project.

Underground utility lines are marked with color coded paint lines, stakes or flags which should not be removed. Removing the markings can result in punishment for vandalism under the Tennessee Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, Tennessee Code Annotated §65-31-101, §65-31-112.

It is imperative the line location markers remain in place to alert digging and excavation crews of the line locations to help avoid damaging the lines. Damaged lines can lead to personal injury, inconvenient outages, costly repairs and delays of the scheduled work.

Motorists traveling through the work zone are asked to slow down, obey posted traffic signs and be alert of workers as they perform the important job of marking utility lines along right-of-ways for your safety.



APWA Color Code Chart

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