Participating Organizations


Backpacking Club of Clarksville - Check out their Facebook page!  Search "Backpacking Club of Clarksville TN"

Boy Scouts Cogioba District of Middle Tennessee 

Blueway Adventure, LLC

Clarksville Running Club 

Clarksville Ultimate - Check out their Facebook group!  Search "Clarksville Ultimate"

Dunbar Cave 

The Food Initiative

Friends of the Blueway - Check out their Facebook page!  Search "Friends of the Blueway"

Friends of Rotary Park - Check out their Facebook page!  Search "Friends of Rotary Park"

Fort Campbell Adventures 

Fort Campbell COGS Mountain Bike Club 

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee 

Team Blueway Paddle Club - Check out their Facebook page! Search "Team Blueway"

The Tennesssee Trails Association, Clarksville Chapter 

Twin Oaks Bowhunters -

Riverside Bicycle Shop - 

Run-a-Muck Outfitters

Warioto Chapter of the National Audubon Society

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