Image of Sylvia Skinner City ClerkSylvia Skinner
CMC Certified Municipal Clerk. Certified by the State of Tennessee and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks

One Public Square
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 645-7497
(931) 221-0122 Fax

The City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Council.

The City Clerk shall be responsible for keeping and preserving the city seal and all records of the council; attending meetings of the council and keeping a journal of its proceedings at such meetings, including the names of members present and absent, the vote of each member on each ordinance or resolution, where a roll call vote is had, the title of each ordinance or resolution, and each motion considered; preparing and certifying copies of official records in his office, for which fees may be prescribed by ordinance; and performing such other duties as may be required by the council or Mayor.

The City Clerk shall attest the signature of the Mayor on all instruments signed in the name of the city and other official acts of the Mayor. The City Clerk shall have the custody of and preserve in said clerk's office the public records, original rolls and ordinances, ordinance books, all contracts, title deeds, certificates and papers, and all other records or documents not required by the Charter or by ordinance to be deposited elsewhere."

Clarksville Code - Article II, Section 17

City of Clarksville - Information and Records Request Policy
• Anyone who wishes to VIEW existing records that are not confidential, exceptions to the Tennessee Open Records Act, or otherwise protected by the law may GO TO the department and make the request to do so. The department head is expected to make the records available for that person to view or copy AT THE DEPARTMENT during business hours.

• Anyone who wishes to request a record be CREATED or something be RESEARCHED must go through the Mayor’s office to make that request. These types of requests become time consuming for department heads and take time away from their daily duties of managing their departments.

• The Tennessee Open Records Act states that a person should be given access to view or copy records in a timely manner. Where a prompt turnaround is not practicable, within 7 DAYS the Mayor’s office shall:

- Deny the request in writing and include the basis for denial.
- Furnish the requestor with the estimated time that will be reasonably necessary to produce the record or information if it will not be produced within 7 business days.

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