Basic Park Rules
• Hours : Dawn to Dusk
• All pets must be on a leash and pet waste must be picked up.
• No pets in playgrounds or on sports fields or concert/event areas
• No smoking in playgrounds or on sports fields or concert/event areas
• No drugs
• No profanity
• Alcoholic beverages prohibited (except as provided by Ordinance 4-2012-13)
• No motorized objects except mobility devices on walkways and paths
• No firearms (except as provided by TCA § 39-17-13)
• Parking in designated areas only
• No smoking within 25 feet of entrances to buildings (State law)
• No camping or open fires (except with Parks Department Approval)
• No sleeping on park benches, picnic tables, sidewalks, walking/running/biking trails or paths or inside buildings or other structures within the park.
• No metal or artifact detecting.
• No disturbance of plants or wildlife.
• No equestrian traffic except for Police personnel.


Parks and Amenities with Additional Rules:
Liberty Park Rules
• Park areas open Dawn to Dusk.
• Marina and boat ramps open 24 hours/7 days a week.
• Speed enforced by radar-15 mph
• Marina basin is a No Wake Zone.
• Parking in designated asphalt areas only. No parking on grass or walking paths.
• No skateboards, motorized vehicles, or scooters on paths.
• No fishing or swimming/diving from docks or bridges.
• Unlicensed vehicles prohibited and will be towed at owner’s expense. 

Liberty Park Pond Rules
Exception: During Park Scheduled Fishing Events
• Fishing Allowed During Daylight Hours ONLY-Park Closes at Dusk
• Children Under 13 Years of Age MUST be Accompanied by an Adult
• All State/Local Regulations are in Effect to include License and Catch Limits
• NO Boats of ANY Kind
• NO Floating Type Devices (Except Bobbers) Can be Used for Fishing
• NO Fishing Allowed in the Designated NO FISHING ZONES
• LIMIT of 2 Hand Held Rods May be Used
• NO Swimming or Wading
• NO Fishing from Bridge or Boardwalk 

Kings Run at Liberty Park and Heritage Park Bark Park Rules
• All users must register with the Parks and Recreation office during normal
business hours to obtain key fob to access the park. (Kings Run only, may be extended to Heritage Bark Park in future)
• Park users must immediately clean up and properly dispose of any waste left by their dog(s).
• Unaltered dogs, puppies under the age of four months, dogs with contagious
diseases or aggressive dogs are not allowed in the Bark Park.
• Park users must be inside the Dog Park, within view of their dogs and have access
to a leash at all times. Dogs must be under voice control.
• Dogs shall not dig or disturb park resources.
• The minimum age for human users is 18 years of age. Children between the ages of 5 and 17 may enter with a parent or guardian. Children less than 5 years old are not permitted in the fenced area for their safety.
• No more than two dogs per person in the off-leash area at one time.
• Dog shows or training classes by reservation only
• NO grooming, smoking, food or drinks (other than water), glass containers or animals
other than dogs are allowed in the off leash area.
• The park can be closed at any time by Parks and Recreation for maintenance.
• All other general park rules and city ordinances must be followed
• Violation of rules may result in loss of privileges for use of the dog park 

Heritage Park Complex Sports Field Rules
The following are NOT allowed in the park:
• Pets
• Bicycles
• Skates, Rollerblades, Skateboards or Scooters
• Grills
• Outside food or Drinks
• Individual or Personal Coolers
Please park in designated parking spots only.

Mabel Larson Skatepark at Heritage Park
Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset, Closed at Dark
Attention All Users: Use at your own risk. No attendant on duty. Helmets with Safety straps recommended while using this facility.

• Safety First! Skate smart and skate alert. Helmet with safety straps should be worn at all times.
• Shirts must be worn at all times. The following items are highly recommended: elbow and knee pads, long sleeve shirts, full length pants, hand gloves and wrist guards.
• Facility is open to usage of skateboards, skates, and free-style bikes with maximum 20” wheel diameter and brakes. Be sure that your equipment is safe.
• Children 12 and under must have adult supervision.
• Users must wear tennis or rubber soled shoes or skates. No bare feet or grind shoes!
• Skate courteously. This facility is open to all age groups. If the park is crowded, then feel free to sit down on one of the grass berms.
• No spectators or pets allowed on concrete park surface.
• No hard or pointed objects in pockets.
• No foul language or rough horseplay. No hockey games or sticks allowed.
• Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on all park property. No food, drink or smoking allowed on concrete park surfaces. Please use trash containers for all refuse.
• Music volume must comply with City sound ordinance 10-224 restricting sound to 25 feet.
• No additional elements may be added to park.
• Any participant failing to observe and follow these rules is subject to being removed by Clarksville Police Department.
Warning : Skateboarding, skating and trick biking are hazardous recreational activities. Use of this facility may result in death, paralysis, brain damage, concussion, broken bones, or other serious injury. Any use is at your own risk. The City of Clarksville does not assume any responsibility for accidents or injuries. 

McGregor Park Rules
• Park closes 12:00 Midnight
• Pedestrian and bicycle traffic only-No skateboards or skates
• Playing of audio devices without headsets is prohibited
• Unsupervised waters-No swimming or diving
• No fishing from dock or stages

Boat Dock Rules-McGregor Courtesy Dock, Liberty and Trice Landing Docks and Boat Launches
Caution: Users assume the risk of injury in the use of this deck. Please observe and follow dock rules and policies.
• No fishing, swimming, sunbathing, picnicking on dock. This is not a play area.
• Dock is for loading and unloading only.
• Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on dock and park property as well.
• McGregor Park closes at Midnight. Trice Landing and Liberty Parks close at dusk. Boat launches open 24/7, but parked vehicles must have boat trailers attached to them after closing.

Grills in the Park Policy
• Grills are not permitted within 50' of a children's play area.
• Grills are not permitted under pavilions
• Grills are not permitted within a sports complex (Inside the fields/fenced areas) and the parking lots of sports complexes.

Community Center Rules
1. All users ages 6 and up must obtain a community center I.D. to enter.
2. Ages 6 and under, must have adult supervision at all times.
3. After 6:00pm, all children 12 and under must be accompanied & supervised by an adult at all times.
4. You must be 16 years of age to use the weight room without supervision.
5. Proper gym attire is required: pants and/or shorts, shirt and gym shoes.
6. No street shoes on gym, racquetball or weight room floors.
7. No sagging shorts or pants; no hats, bandanas or do-rags allowed on in the building.
8. Gang activity and attire is strictly prohibited.
9. All center equipment must stay inside the facility at all times.
10. No pets of any type allowed.
11. Food and drinks allowed in designated areas only.
12. No gum in building
13. No Profanity / Chewing / Spitting
14. No smoking in facility or entrances of facility.
15. No Alcohol or Drugs allowed on the premises at any time.
16. No Horseplay / Fighting / Gambling
18. No radios, CD players or other musical devices can be used without headsets.
19. THE CENTER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. No personal items will be stored by center staff for any reason; A locker is available if you bring your own lock.
20. No personal use of Office Phone.

Swimming Pool Rules
1. No person shall be permitted on the pool deck wearing street shoes.
2. No person shall be permitted to change clothes in the pool area.
3. Appropriate swimsuits are required in fenced area by all patrons. NO Sagging shorts, cutoffs, t-shirts as tops.
4. EVERYONE pays admission and/or shows pool pass ID. (Exceptions must be in writing and approved by aquatics supervisor and Parks & Recreation Director).
5. Daycare & day camps from Montgomery County do not have to pay admission for their workers; however, daycares and day camps coming from outside Montgomery County must pay admission for their workers.
6. Infants/toddlers are required to wear elasticized rubber pants or swim diapers.
7. Infants 12 months and under are FREE
8. No person shall be permitted in the pool with bandages, open sores, or wounds.
9. Food or Drinks can be brought in. Eating or drinking shall be permitted only in designated areas of the pool.
10. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES shall be permitted under any circumstances.
11. No running, pushing, dunking, or horseplay such as spitting water or splashing shall be allowed.
12. No person shall spit on deck, sit on ropes, or use profane language.
13. Equipment such as automobile inner tubes, large floats, rubber or plastic balls, etc. which may be a hazard to swimmers shall be restricted from the pool.
14. Small play tubes may be used when they do not interfere with other swimmers.
15. No towels shall be allowed in the water.
16. All diving must be from the end of the diving board and straight forward.
17. Divers shall return to the deck from sides of the pool, and never swim back toward the boards.
18. No diving shall be allowed from the edge of the pool-use designated area only.
19. Only one spring off the diving board shall be allowed.
20. General swimming shall not be allowed under the boards.
21. No diving shall be permitted while guard is attempting a rescue.
22. Non-swimmers shall not be allowed in deep water.
23. Talking to guards while they are on duty shall not be allowed.
24. Neither the pool personnel nor the Recreation Department shall be held responsible for lost or stolen articles. WE DO NOT offer to take care of valuables for patrons.
25. Rain Checks may be given to patrons in the pool for 1 hour or less due to inclement weather. CASHIER AND MANAGEMENT may use their judgment.
26. Pool phones are NOT to be used for extended personal calls by employees or patrons.
27. Smoking is only allowed outside of the fenced pool area in designated areas .
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