User Fees Policy

Statement of Need

  • Due to operating and capital costs, and the limited amount of available tax revenues, meeting the level of parks, recreation and special event services requested by the public is a continuing challenge. General tax revenues alone are not sufficient to support the wide variety of parks, park facilities, recreational, cultural and educational activities and programs demanded by the public in a thriving and forward looking city. User fees are necessary to help provide financial support the City of Clarksville, Department of Parks and Recreation, for operations and maintenance of parks and facilities, and for conducting activities and programs. The revenue generated by these user fees constitute only a portion of the funds required for operating and maintaining the City park system and associated activities and programs.
  • Therefore, it is necessary for the City to develop a sound and consistent policy regarding user fees for parks, park facilities and recreation, cultural, and educational activities and programs that is efficient, fair and equitable. This policy will enable the City to continue to provide quality recreation sites, facilities, amenities and programs and to make necessary program expansions which otherwise would not be possible given the fiscal constraints and limited resources.
Last updated: 10/28/2014 8:15:58 AM