Downtown Public Square Market    A committee was formed in late October 2008 to investigate the possibility of growing a downtown marketplace that initially began with farmers and artisans selling products on Public Square and eventually be a catalyst for downtown Clarksville and its continued success.
The initial committee consisted of Rita Arancibia, Karla Kean, Tim Catchim, Wayne Wilkinson, Paige King, Laura Schroeder, Joe Davidson, Dorothy Hartzog, Diann Nance and Beth Kasper.

Valued Markets were identified with the following:

•    Public markets become the heart and soul of a community, its common ground, a place where people easily interact, alive with social and economic activity.
•    Markets contribute to the character of a city and serve as an incubator for small businesses.
•    Spread to other neighborhoods helping support local businesses, healthy food and walkable communities.
•    Heart and Soul of communities, common ground, a place where people interact easily and a setting where other community activities can take place.
•    Can be inviting, safe and lively places that attract a wide range of people.
•    Ideas that were generated included farmers, bakers, artisans, and entertainment.

During discussions the realization was made that a Market Manager would be needed to establish the market on firm ground. Parks & Recreation Department and Community Development discussed the possibility of a partnership. In May 2009 City of Clarksville Parks & Recreation hired Niki Crowe to operate the Downtown Market and she hit the ground running. The first Market took place on June 6, 2009. Late in the 2009 season Matthew Nixon took over as the market manager and is still today onboard.

Since the markets introduction, it has grown from 16 vendors to over 70 today.  It has also been voted the Number 1 market in Tennessee through for a fifth straight season in 2014. The Clarksville Downtown Market was ranked 11th nationally in 2013.  The market will only continue to grow and flourish through the support of the public and the wonderful vendors each week!

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