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Girl honored for life-saving fire warning
Kyiona Johnson, 8, smelled smoke and took action
Posted Date: 9/8/2017

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Eight-year-old Kyiona Johnson got applause and a standing ovation Thursday night from the Clarksville City Council, a delegation from the South Korean City of Gunpo, and the rest of the crowd that packed the Council Chambers.

Her bright smile beamed a fitting exclamation point to her simple statement: “Thank you all for doing this for me.”

Kyiona earned the spotlight for her quick and decisive actions to warn her grandmother and other family members that a fire had broken out in their Clarksville home. As a result, everyone got out of the house safely.

Deputy Fire Chief Ray Williams explained that Kyiona had reacted in the best way possible after she smelled smoke: She got busy and spread the word of the fire and got her family to safety.

“She did exactly what you would want someone to do in that situation,” Williams said. “It was really remarkable, especially for an eight-year-old child.”

Mayor Kim McMillan presented a Certificates of Appreciation honoring Kyiona for her courageous actions in the face of a fire emergency.

The Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation says:

In honor of the extraordinary measures taken on the 13th day
of August 2017.

Without your fast thinking and heroic actions on this day, the lives of
others could have been lost.

Words alone cannot express the City’s gratitude for your bravery and selfless actions.

In future endeavors, I offer you my BEST WISHES.

Given under my hand, this 28 th day of August 2017.

-- Kim McMillan, Mayor of Clarksville

Kyiona Johnson
Deputy Fire Chief Ray Williams and Mayor Kim McMillan commended Kyiona Johnson on Thursday for her quick warning to family members after a fire broke out in her home Aug. 13.