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Human Relations Commission Meeting
Upcoming Human Relations Commission Meeting:
May 7 6:00PM, 2015
Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library in the Boaz Board room (2nd floor).

 HRC 2015 Group Photo
Clarksville HRC Members and City Leaders pictured
during Chattanooga & Chattanooga Chamber Intercity Vist.

 The Clarksville Human Relations Commission, The Governor's Office of Diversity Business and Montgomery County TN State Legislative Delegation Presents, 
"2015 Doing Business with Government Workshop"

Friday, April 24, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (CDT)
Located in: Montgomery County Veterans Plaza, William O. Beach Civic Hall (350 Pageant Lane, Clarksville, TN)
Click this link to register!
Please email: for questions regarding this workshop.

Human Relations Commission Members
Candy Johnson (Chair)
Joann Latz (Vice-Chair)
Maria Jimenez (Treasurer) 
Rebecca Hines (Secretary)
Kenneth Roberts 
Michael Dale 
Mohsun Ghias 
Feleesha Johnson
Jason Hodges 
Alexandra Wills
Councilman Jeff Burkhart
Will Wyatt, Ex-Officio
Mayor Kim McMillan, Ex-Officio 

Our Purpose:

  • Organize educational programs for Clarksville residents and City employees on subjects dedicated to the enhancement of human relations, such as discrimination; diversity; cultural sensitivity; bullying; mediation; problem solving; City employment; City bidding; or anti-discrimination, employment, housing, or police conduct laws;
  • Organize an educational program dedicated to the enhancement of human relations for a City governmental unit once the head of the unit consents to the educational program;
  • Identify and meet with leaders of social, economic, racial ethnic, gender, and religious groups within the City;
  • Make recommendations to, and consult with, educational institutions, local and national civil rights organizations, and community groups to foster better human relations;
  • Consult with state and federal agencies regarding laws and policies addressing discrimination and other human relations issues;

Meeting Objectives

  • Partnership- It is important that we view our relationship with the City as a positive partnership to help improve our city’s diversity. We will work to be inclusive of the city departments in regards to feedback, planning, and collaboration. 
  • Marketing- develop marketing pieces that can be useful to city department heads and the general public with regards to diversity initiatives. 
  • Community Involvement- Make use of events that help promote our work within the community. An annual calendar of events and participation should be set at the beginning of each year. HRC should look to partner with organizations that may be able to help us meet goals. 
  • Continuing Education- HRC will network with other HRC’s in State, attend conferences, and become familiar with matters in the City of Clarksville that will assist in our work. Each member will commit to focusing on one area of diversity to contribute ideas to a strategic plan of the HRC. 

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