Clarksville is home to three centers that provide residents with fun recreational experiences at an affordable price! Each center features a full-size gymnasium, fitness center with cardiovascular and strength training equipment, racquetball court, game room, and meeting space that is available for private rental. The centers are also home to a variety of special events, athletic and enrichment programs, and after-school activities.

Annual memberships are available for $5 (valid for one year at all three centers).

Families: $5: first child
$3: second child
$2: three or more children

Daily visitor's pass: $1 per person.

Amenities, Hours, and Programs
Hours and amenities vary by location. See center locations below for more info. 
Download this month's calendars to see center programming

Burt Cobb Center Hours SUMMER
1011 Franklin Street, 37040
Crow Center Hours SUMMER
211 Richview Road, 37043
Kleeman Center Hours SUMMER
166 Cunningham Lane, 37042

If you are interested in becoming an instructor for a class at a community center (ie. aerobics, martial arts, youth sports, arts and crafts, educational programs), please contact the Program Director at 645-7476 or contact a center directly. 

Our recreation centers offer meeting space for private rentals during operation hours only. 
Rent: $10 per hour, $20 deposit required. 

***If CMCSS schools are cancelled, Homeschool PE will not meet.***

  • All users ages 6 and up must obtain a community center I.D. to enter.
  • All youth ages 9 and under must be accompanied and actively supervised by someone 15 years of age or older. Any child age 10 and over is permitted to come to a center unattended.
  • You must be 16 years of age to use the weight room without supervision. 
  • Proper gym attire is required: pants and/or shorts, shirt and gym shoes. 
  • No street shoes on gym, racquetball or weight room floors. 
  • No sagging shorts or pants; no hats, bandannas or do-rags allowed on in the building. 
  • Gang activity and attire is strictly prohibited. 
  • All center equipment must stay inside the facility at all times. 
  • No pets of any type allowed. 
  • Food and drinks allowed in designated areas only. 
  • No gum in building 
  • No Profanity / Chewing / Spitting 
  • No smoking in facility or entrances of facility. 
  • No Alcohol or Drugs allowed on the premises at any time. 
  • No Horseplay / Fighting / Gambling 
  • No radios, CD players or other musical devices can be used without headsets. 
  • THE CENTER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. No personal items will be stored by center staff for any reason; A locker is available if you bring your own lock. 
  • No personal use of Office Phone. 
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