Coy Lacy Park
105 Canterbury Road
Clarksville, Tn (Map & Directions)

Green Floral pattern

Facility Descriptions

  • Picnic Pavilion
  • Playground
  • Backstop
  • 1/4-mile Walking Trail
  • Open Space
  • Picnic Tables
  • Benches
  • 3.4 Acres

Park Rules
• Hours : Dawn to Dusk
• All pets must be on a leash and pet waste must be picked up.
• No pets in playgrounds or on sports fields or concert/event areas
• No smoking in playgrounds or on sports fields or concert/event areas
• No drugs
• No profanity
• Alcoholic beverages prohibited (except as provided by Ordinance 4-2012-13)
• No motorized objects except mobility devices on walkways and paths
• No firearms (except as provided by TCA § 39-17-13)
• Parking in designated areas only
• No smoking within 25 feet of entrances to buildings (State law)
• No camping or open fires (except with Parks Department Approval)
• No sleeping on park benches, picnic tables, sidewalks, walking/running/biking trails or paths or inside buildings or other structures within the park.
• No metal or artifact detecting
• No disturbance of plants or wildlife

Grills in the Park Policy
• Grills are not permitted within 50' of a children's play area.
• Grills are not permitted under pavilions
• Grills are not permitted within a sports complex (Inside the fields/fenced areas) and the parking lots of sports complexes.



Four Photos of Coy Lacy Park

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